Once Upon a Time....

There was a child who loved all things imaginative. She wanted to play with Unicorns and dance in the rain. But the world grew hard and wanted her to grow up way too fast, robbing her of the joy and freedom childhood gave her.

She searched for a glimpse of glitter within a somber world, until one day she found it at Giddy Up and Grow. A shop that inspires childhood, captures childhood, and even encourages childhood. What other time in life, can you wear Pinwheels in your hair, and Lightning Bolts on your clothes?

Giddy Up and Grow provides whimsical accessories for childhood. We aren't too serious, and often find ourselves lost in daydream, dreaming up our next idea!

You will always find high quality, handmade pieces in our shop!

Magazine features:
-Domino Magazine Winter Issue 2015/2016
-Today's Parent Magazine Cover, September 2015
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-Today's Parent Magazine, December 2013
-Mollie Makes Bookzine, issue release Nov. 28th, 2013
-Disney's blog Babble.com, Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops, 2013
-May 2012 Issue of Canadian Family Magazine
-September 2012 issue of Canadian Family Magazine Fashion Spread
-September 2012 issue of Luna Magazine
-November 2012 issue of Canadian Family Magazine, Holiday Issue
-Babiekins Magazine Issue 9

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